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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dealing with Liars who LIE about taking the test for HIV.

The very first question that should be asked before sex is:

When was the last time you took the HIV test?

If the answer is UHHhhhmm what did you say?

Be prepared for the BIGGEST LIE..

Dumb Dumbs... They always want to have unprotected sex with you without questions. 

Like have you ever had an STD? Have you been tested? DO you have a STD?

Can we go get tested together before you give me a disease that I'll have to live the rest of my life with? Worst Kill me?

Why should I trust anything else that you have to offer me, if you're lying about ever taking a test that my life depends on.. 

How to Successfully Break up with someone.. in ANY RELATIONSHIP..

Well well Well, Someone you once thought was awesome is now an IDIOT..

It's called FRONTIN. 

 When I say Break up  I mean Separate, departure, never to return again.. 

You have to First: 

Write down everything that pissed you off.


Illustrate accordingly.


If the person wants to over talk you hang up, and say nothing else.. 

Not even in TEXT.. Because there's going to be an argument... 

and a argument is a fight... This relationship isn't worth it because you're tired of them anyway.. and why waste your energy any longer.. You've already wasted time.. So instead of entering into a filibuster of an argument.. Have nothing else to say... EASY.. 


Users, and Losers... Who show up to my House with no money.

First of all.. 

What type of disrespectful bullshit is that, when someone thinks it's okay to come to your house, joke with you throughout the hair cut, and then BOOM!! Uh I have to go to the ATM?!!


Who is the Sucker? Me or them?

This is the Type of Client who never refers me to anyone.. and has the flyest haircut in the club.. and knows everyone.. 

 OKAY OKAY.... I'm going to put myself in the other person's shoes.. 

I'm so into getting free shit that I not only receive a  FREE haircut.. I don't even have the audacity to even tip two dollars for neck strips..REALLY??

This has me thinking.. You can't come back to my house.. 

You made me make an appointment for your hair, and a slot for your very own hour... to leave me empty handed after slaving over your nappy tresses.. WOW!

 That's enough..

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Emotional Intelligence

Without Emotional Intelligence a Relationship can't exist. 

There is nothing more frustrating than making several attempts at establishing a relationship, and if even more difficult to establish a friendship there is no future in it.. and Sex is a distraction. 

Sex is like playing basketball together when it comes to dealing with 
someone who lacks emotions..I use to be this person, I was Emotionally unavailable,,,
That's what a good friend had told me right before he completely cut me off. 
Which is something he should have done instead of wasting his time.. 

I recently encountered a issue with Mr. no name, he seemed happy but never really was.. He was a workaholic, and his attitude toward life is a constant challenge emotionally. He's going to eventually break down and start crying from all of his emotions take over him like a storm. 

I'm sure its very frustrating living with lack of emotions, and it effects everyone around him.. 
matter of fact he's so ignorant he doesn't even know what he's doing.. 
I was actually falling for this guy, and it's been a long ass time.. 
He turned out to be anti social, and analyzed me constantly looking for flaws.. 

But he's not perfect, and it doesn't matter because he already revealed to me what kind of a guy he is.. One day he's going to wake up and look for his feeling like he lost his marbles.. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Types of Liars. 

Withholding...Need I say more.

 Liars that conceal information are the worst kind to deal with, because the truth is hidden altogether. You have to be a detective even use your imagination 
to figure out what isn't spoken of.
 It could be a sob story about every situation, and none of the information given to you tells you what THEY have DONE to cause the situation to spiral out of control. 
Be ware of the "Woe is ME!! Guy who only sees fault in others,
 and never really speaks of their 
own failures or faults. 

Your only warning is the vacuum he brings sucking all of the energy out of your life. 
You will be exhausted, and won't even know why?
That should be enough to move on from the type of liar that will destroy your life mirroring his. 

The Story Teller

The Once  upon a time guy..
The What had happened WAAAAS.. Guy..

You can ask him a simple question about something he clearly lied about, 
but since he forgot about original story plot, he has to make up a story that might divert you away from the truth. The hardest thing to tolerate
is their side of the story, which may feel like a verbal punishment. 
Because their story may have so many twists and turns, you won't 
have the energy or the patience to listen to it.. 

Liars tell a alternative story tale. So if you recreate the story there's always a flaw, and 
low and behold a domino effect of flaws are revealed. 

A story is always a red flag because it takes up too much
 time, wasting energy, with never enough proof to succeed.

When Story tellers run out of story, they use you as a diversion. Bringing up 
resolved issues into an unresolved realm, moreover creating a bigger issue.
Rather than solving the task at hand, he drops a bomb that blows the house up.

The Liar who tells the truth on himself.

            I think that this guy is the most interesting of all Liars.
Because he insults you with his own truth. 
This daunts me in such a way, because he doesn't even hear
his own words. So accustomed to lying that he reveals himself in every statement. 

          This specific type tries to use vulnerable information that you
share with him against you as ammunition. 
A manipulation technique used to divert the attention off of him 
on to you. In order for this to work, he has to dig deep inside to 
see what would hurt you enough to distract you 
from him. 

The Truth Liar tells so many lies that they manifest. 
His insults are a reflection of how he sees himself. 

Truth Liars are the kind that Anger from the accusation, and they belittle, and argue
endlessly.. Aiming to get their power back from the trust that was lost after being caught in 
the lie that he created. When angered, a mans thought is scrambled and the words come out effortlessly. 
This is the absolute truth about his own self in detail.. and if you listen consciously, you will learn all that you need to know about his self image, or self esteem..
Calling you all of the names that he is. 

He is the Psychological Narcissist. 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

First Impression

When meeting someone new, we get a first impression. 

First impressions are everything.
When a guy over steps his boundaries by being aggressive, and over confident, he fails to realize that what he's doing is damaging to his Character.. 

Example: Inappropriate touching.. Uninvited invasion of personal space.. 

When this happens to me, I think about what type of a guy I'm dealing with.. 
Because if hes taking without asking in the beginning.. He will continue to take without asking.. 
Deny any wrong doing, an continue to overstep those boundaries.. 
It's an intimidation tactic, to see whether or not you are going to allow physical  contact without permission. Usually in the beginning. Because in the beginning, you're allowed him into your atmosphere.. and that alone gave him the freedom to take control.

If you're dealing with a Man, he would be conscious of boundaries, being thoughtful, and careful not to cross them

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Light Life Science Realization

I'm always willing to learn about something that I realized.. 

I probably posted something similar to this but I can't preach it enough..

Religion, is mind control, anything that instills fear without a conscious understanding of what to believe should be dangerous to follow. 
What religion gives you power through the proof?

What religion tells you what you are actually made of, and where you are going to end up?
Its real, 

What is Consciousness?
A living light consisting of an intelligent energy life forms, consisting of  Bio-energy, and infinite time. 

Inside your Body do you feel that in reality,
 where your consciousness lives there is no element of time?

I really want everyone to understand what I'm talking about.. 
Einstien, made up a theory measuring light, through velocity, times mass.. What he was really looking for is an answer we should all be asking.. and we deserve to have the answer.. 
not a story about Moses, and splitting the red sea.. 

We don't need stories, we need facts.. Einstein was trying to figure out what we were made of.
We travel forward in time, and never backwards, and with time constantly moving in a forward motion, where is it going? With everything around us working through our nervous System.. and we're living oblivious to the powers we possess.. blinded by material possessions.. What are we made of, really.. Where do we go with what we are.. 

First of all School doesn't teach you about what you truly are, because it would take a touch of spirituality.. Why do you think religion isn't accepted in School? Why? because it separates, and segregates.. 
Why would you accept and believe something that's not even in a High School curriculum?
There are alot of things that should be taught in school. Once being the fact that religion was invented for mind control.

Religion was invented to keep the sane sane, Give hope to the hopeless, and to give imagination.. to the unimaginative species.. 
There are way too many stories, that drown you with threats if you don't believe it.. 
You can't munipulate something without a imminent threat. Fear triggers good behavior, because if everyone knew the truth about consciousness you wouldn't need the brainwash material.. Heaven & Hell..
Both experiences that can be experienced in this world, whether or not you earned it or not.. 
From my life experience, you can be born into punishment, living in what the majority of the masses would agree to be the worst human body to be in.. 
So what's hell? Hell is a word that I can use to scorn someone.. 

Heaven?  When I think of these places, I think of a make believe.. Hell, all make believe.. and everything that they show about both places have only been seen on Earth.. So again with the imagination. 

We are simply the imagination of ourselves.. 

I don't want your to get this statement confused with, imagining our body's in solid form.. 
That's ridiculous.. 
What I mean is, imagination is a natural part of our consciousness.. 
Without imagination, we would lose our sanity.. 
That's why there are so many religions taking over.. I'm lost with this because, people run away from Science, because they fear it's too complicated, or the words are too big.. 
Without the understanding that, there aren't any other words to describe what it is, it just is.. 
Just like learning another lamguage.. 

But this is in plain English.. 

Is it possible that you could be the aliens? What if we were the ones searching for another soul to inter, after death? We already have an understanding through our imagination that Ghosts come from Humans.. 
So what is a Ghost, a Soul, What is a Soul, a living light life form.. and being a light life form, must mean that we can exist within dimensions that we cannot explain, prove, see, or even talk about.. 

The Afterlife, the afterlife cannot be spoken of, because it is not a place for the living, but existing.. Existing only of the light, and energy where we began.. Like a start we are a living light energy form. Our intelligence grows and blooms, by maturation. Once our Consciousness reaches a certain level of Maturity, signals are sent to the body to shut down in coming of age.. What lives life lives energy.. We are the combination, of energy, light, and time... Yes time.. 

That's why Einstien was working so hard.. To know what you are made of, and to measure that, takes tons of imagination.. Tons.. 
You have to create the pieces to the puzzle that makes you.. and then you realize that everyone is the same light consciousness... Before you know it, you've realized..That the whole time you were wasting thoughts on Religion, common sense kicked in, and gave you a better undertanding with life..and a healthier relationship with yourself.. A realistic relationship with yourself.. 
Because you are the most important thing.. 
There are two of you in one body, at least you won't know it.. 
How many light conscious life forms can fit in one vessel? We will never know.. 
So there could be billions.. 

What is our subconscious? I feel like that's my automatic button.. that I have to turn off from time to time.. 
this gives me room to expand my harizons in terms of imaginative theories.. 
Not like a story, but reasurrance.. that we are not alone.... We, meanung individually are not truly alone in this world.. Because you have one mind consiousness, and there's no one else in there guiding you through life, talking to you but you.. in that lonely world, that you think is the ultimate doom. 
Where we're going is far greater.. just because we can't see where it is doesn't mean that it's not there.. 

We're just not there.. We go somewhere.. We're not supposed to remember where we came from in another body, we've graduated this place.. If you knew that you were existing in absolute freedom, without the heaviness of being in a body, a body that's bound to earth, a body that you have to obey.. 
Filled with fears, and tons of nerves, and emotions that you can't even explain.. 
Feeling free from worry, and the daily struggle.. 

What I think will happen is this.. 
We leave all of our thoughts, and memories.. of life behind.. 
Because they only mean something here on Earth no where else.. 
What is Consciousness without thought?
What is thought without consciousness?
To be Conscious is to be awakened.. a on button that won't shut off.. 
Not even in your sleep.. 
A thought cannot exist without Consciousness.. but consciousness only exists here,, Where does the living body of light consciousness travel to, and how fast does it travel? 

We travel faster than the speed of thought, and produce electricity that travels faster than the speed of light.. 
Can you measure, the combination of Electric energy, to a speed of time, and compare it to the speed of light? 

A lightening bolt through time.. so I'm thinking with our number patterns in numerology, that combination of light energy, and the numbering that follow you thoughtlife, actually tell you how far ahead of time you will jump to.. but since you're energy.. you don't know what form you're going to wake up as.. but you'll accept it because that's all your consciousness will know.. 

When we are born our thoughts, don't manifest... It's like being born on an Alien planet over, and over again.. You're looking at everything for the first time ever in that vessel, memory isn't necessary, because it's not a necessity.. Survival is.. 
and by the time your photographic memory kicks in, and you start interacting with the world.. how you arrived isn't even a question.. or where you truly came from.. before you were thought of.. .. 

None of that knowlege is avainlable, and you were just as lost as you were the day you were born, as a teenager.. You wonder why teenagers are depressed, and taking their own lifes, and the lives of others, their belief system, is flawed.. There isn't enough information out here, there's no one who wants to listen to you as a human being with a common sense type of approach to human life.,.. A gifted child could probably explain the theory in a philosophy that average adults can't even begin to explain, because their childlike imagination is completely stripped, I was meant to be a Barber to work for myslelf, to experience downfalls, pain and unbelievable suffering.. 

in this life there is suffering to no end.. and at the same time death comes in a flash,, anything could kill us too much of anything can.. 
No wonder why half of us won't even go outside.. with the news parading death, and distruction.. making you wish death on yourself so you won't have to experience it.. What happened to miricle stories of something about out Human experience prevailing.. at a higher consciousness.. a revelation of our existence, that has been hidden from us by us for generations and generations.. 
Living with a Family of liars cheaters, manipulating, greedy power hungry, lunatic, losers.. 
You have to truly believe that these people will never leave this place.. The evil live longer..
They deserve to get OLD.

Believe it or not evil people live alot longer in this world.. Something their energy never fails, and they can live for EONS.. By the time they pass they'll be praying for it to happen... 
Who wants to outlive everyone, with a weakened consiousness, along with a failing body.. 
But you know, there are alot of healthy Evil people in this World, and they live for a LOOOOOOOOON G time.. 

The innocent get sick, suffer a bit then they die.. 
I think I've suffered my bad deeds, I had two Abortions.. in one summer.. a month a part.. before I decided, to finally have my last child in 2007.. I'm so happy I had her.. But at the same time.. I feel like I had the child I was supposed to have three years earlier, three years laters, because I was pregnant in July, Which is my Son's Birthday Month, Exactly 9 months later, from the abortion dates, I had Seaira, Born April 19 2007.. Strange.. With all of the times, I resisted the Pregnancy... two times, for what I thought was the inevitable.
I ended up getting pregnant again, and I feel that the child I had was the child attempting to be born.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

What is a REAL Friend?

A Real friend wouldn't Accuse you of something you'd never do.. 
Like talking behind your back.. 
Only someone who does that, would do that anyway...
Attempting to Steal a boyfriend that you never owned in the first place.. 

Anything that makes you feel like you could live the rest of your life without talking to them again.. Would be good sign that the bitch would stab you in the back.. For sure.. and you'll be left there to fend for yourself in the end.. Don't even doubt it..

When you meet I Meet a Real Man.. I'm taking Pictures..

Real mean have Common Sense.. 

Common sense ain't hard to represent!!
If you have to ask the Question, explain what common sense is? To anyone in life..
You don't have any,.. 

Common sense is a thought before action Sequence.. Instead of just reacting like a child.. 
Because a child doesn't know what common sense is.. 
Its a shame that my 13 year old Son has more common sense than all these Busted
ass Step Children that no one wanted.. 

Example, This guy I dated, let's call him by his real name.. Hell he ain't nobody, Dre.. 
He would come over and raid my Fridge.. But he never lifted a finger to put something back into it.. 
Sooo Dre had to skip his broke ass back home.. 
I bet he'd bring a 2 Liter Soda, and drink Half of it.. Talkin bout.. I bout Sodah.. Like a big ass kid..
Get the Fuck outta here.. I ain't your Mama.. Your Mama Shoulda Raised you right.. 

It's Just SEX, You already know it..

So you're a Scientific Genius, who invented the one night stand.. As a 
First date.. That doesn't mean that you have to stay to the next day.. 

Nigga We ain't in love.. Why fake it.. Hey babe, I know that it's 3 am.. 
But, I got kids.. Can you find your way out before my kids catch a broke ass nigga with no job
walking through the house? Thank you.. LAWD

If I've never had a normal conversation with this guy now that I remember.. He was dumb as all hell.. I asked him if he read this Blog, and he said yes.. Lying like shit, because his stupid ass doesn't read..Knowing he was lying I asked him..So uh... Clevor, what did you get from my blog?
Duuuh it was Deep, and uhhh it was uh duh..  cool..

 (This was like a scene from a hit Series HBO Box OFFICE HIT... Dumb as Fuck Incorporated
There isn't Cuddle time, there is only you going bye bye.

Let me just explain one thing, how can you grow emotions from sex alone?
Naturally, there shouldn't be any emotions.. There can't be emotions, unless one person is feeling them.. Having a naive mind.. You can easily fall in love with the idea of someone.. 
But you really need to look at the whole picture.. 
You won't feel, because you can't.. You know what it is.. But that really sucks the life out of life.. 
and that's why you should really spend more time together.. If you can't stand each other, then what the hell are you still fucking for? The thrill?
But remember, the ride always stops at the end... where both y'all dumb niggas fall out and bump your damn heads.. 

Making Love is.. a constant exchange of emotions, constantly driven from one extreme to the next.. and the end is just as good as the beginning.. 

I'll leave it at that, that mushy shit ain't me no more.. I'm kinda immune to the fantasy Bullshit.. 
That was a stage in my life, when I had a serious Problem with Crushes.. Obsessed big time.. 

I'm way beyond that now, now at 33? Dumb ass! Blurts out my mouth like Tourettes Syndrome.. 

It feels so good to get that out..,