Sunday, December 7, 2014

When someone becomes your happy thought.

It's almost like a relief.. Because damn I haven't had a Had a Happy thought in a long ass time.. 

I miss happy thoughts... 
You never want reality to mess up the fucking Fantasy part of thinking of someone.. 

Some people ruin the Fantasy by telling the other person that they aren't any good.. But the Fact of the Matter is... 
We don't give a flying shit what was said.. We could see that a person isn't any good, and still try to play the failure game.. 

Happy thoughts are crushes.. 

Damnit.. I haven't had a crush on someone in years.. and I know that a crush isn't the reality of a situation.. It's a mental Cat and mouse game.. once reality sets in the DREAM is DEAD.. 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

So many of our relationships fail because of the loss of REALITY.

It's unrealistic to force my own beliefs on someone else who has their own.. 
Truth is truth.. 
We all enter relationships with our own expectations of what we want.. 

Our expectations are simply rules, and regulations that anyone can live by.. 
Honesty, understanding and to be open minded that someone has an opinion of their own.. 

If you make a mistake, own up to it.. otherwise you're just wasting valuable time fighting for a right that simply isn't. 

Wake up.

Nobody's perfect, with that in mind don't expect perfection out of anyone.. 
It's our flaws that make us who we are in life.. 
So if you act as if you know it all.. having failed relationships in the past.. 
The past is experience, experience is your knowledge.. 
If you haven't accepted yourself as part of the mistake then you have to go back and check yourself.. 

Meditate on it..  
Because if you never took the time to look at yourself, then you will never have the understanding of what you need to work on.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Problems with guys Inviting themselves over to MY HOME.

It all starts with a phone conversation, worse it happened to me without a  phone conversation. 

Now directing this conversation to the guy that I had only known for three days..
He decides to show up on his own without a response to a intruding text.. 
This fool thought he was too pretty.. 
He happens to be red boned with pretty hair.. 
Your hair isn't so pretty that you can completely take over the situation...

I mean common sense straight out of the question, Who would just show up at a persons house.. 

The test read, "Hey What's up Girl whatchu doin?" "I'm on my way"
"I'm downstairs open the door."

All by your damn self, no response needed from me whatsoever.. 
I'm thinking really? Go home! Who do you think you are?

What idea did he rely on to show up without a response, and still be welcomed?
I'm surprised? What did you think would happen? 
Wow! Just when you think there aren't people this dumb in life that exist in the World.. 

So he apologizes like it meant anything.. Apologies can't save anyone in this situation... In this situation you are now dealing with a child.. and when you're dealing with a child you completely ignore everything that comes after this situation.. 

To even have a ego that big is a damn shame! I'm thinking that he's thinking to himself.. 

This has never worked before why do I keep doing the same stupid thing over, and over.. 
Hmm I wonder what learning is? I wonder what thinking means.. I wonder why I got so drunk that I can't control myself.. Maybe I should stop drinking... Hmm but I love that more than life itself. .. 

Attraction and courting takes the gravitational pull of two people not one person, with one idea in mind. 

Now, this other guy attempted to tell me that he was going to come up to my apartment.. by um basically telling me that he was.. "I'm coming up" I'm like no.. You're not coming up.. 
"No I'm coming up" Me being me.. I broke it down in more than one dimension. 

Look man, You are staying downstairs, and you are not coming up.. If you need something from me, I will bring it down.. ok? I'm like wtf is your problem? You think that you're older than me you can tell me that you're coming up to my apartment? You are a complete Moran.. 11/18 18 is 9 and that would make my Life path number the strongest on this day.. It also means endings.. 
The end of fools for me? I really need to work harder to get rid of these fools.. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

You never know what someone's true Intentions are with so much obscurity.

Here I am with a 57 year old man that I just met.

So basically we were talking and having a great conversation, He's basically doing all of the talking.. and I'm doing all of the listening... I'm fully aware that the guy is trying to be closer to me somehow.. 
But you know, we're just talking right? Right.. but at the end of the night.. I'm cornered, and asked hey can I get a kiss.. I'm like.. Why would you even put me into a position like this huh?

You know that I'm young.. So you're gonna make me tell you no?

What gave you the idea that I was even attracted to you in the first place? Because I listened to you.. It's hard for me to see you in a honest light when you're asking to cross into my space by the end of the night.. 
I don't even have any intentions on doing a damn thing with you .. Did you even ask if I was interested in anything with you no! You made a decision off of your own selfish feelings.. and you didn't care about mine at all!!

Hey she might feel uncomfortable because I'm an old man!! How about that for taking a second perspective.. 
I'm tired of dumbasses of all ages.

The Real Universe.. Can be read through Emotions..

The Sixth Sense Emotions.

Unfortunately We ignore this sense, and it's blocked by logic. Logic interferes with this power.. 

I'm always wondering why I can feel people staring.. Everyone can.. But what's being directed to you but an eye.. and what's behind an eye but a soul.. Which is the unseen territory..
We don't even dare to wonder what we are truly made of.. 

Why we were given emotions in the first place, and what powers are truly conceived. 

With fear running the majority of the population how we we ever have a genuine connection with each other.. 

The ignorance is driving us all mad, because no one has a true understanding of what they are truly here for, but to go to school, and get a job everything else.. is a Mystery.. 

Since we are all individuals, and cannot share our experiences.. Thoughts are all we have to give one another.. We all have a divine purpose.. To Find that  connection between the unseen world, and our world.. 

What is the unseen world, our dreams? That is the only world we all can connect with to crossover to, and return from.. that is a place.. We cannot share this place together.. But we all know that there is a place, and it does exist.. 

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Fear not.... Do not bow down religious beliefs, unproven, and Skeptical..

We are living in

world where we can only hope for a God to actually exist..

God is the Creator they say... But what if there was only Matter, light, and percentages of Gravity? Gravity can't be seen.. But it is in the Atmosphere among st other elements.. and Planes that we will never see in the conscious world.. 

So what NOW? This is my favorite question! So to Whom do we Pray to?

Whats PRayer? But an idea.. How do you Pray? By Asking? Although we close our eyes, and say a few words.. What did it actually do? Make you feel better.. but the situation you're in remains.. 
So what's Prayer?
 Is useless in this world.. We are all individuals who gravitate to each other, and work hard to make the world a better place... but they didn't sit around and pray for it to happen... The acted upon it.. 
Christians, Muslims... What is the difference?

They both follow a book with no passageway teaching all of us to integrate.. The 
Christian Religion is the White mans religion, is a White man as God.. 
Muslims Created am unseen force.. gave him a name.. and he is a he.. as its written.. Separate the Men, and the Women, that' is the Law of the Mosque..
Why? So the men wont get distracted by the Women.. Who are masters of revelation..
Women and Children together... While the Men pray without the Children.. 

Religion was Invented to tamed the minds of the Weary, also to gain power, and brain wash the masses.. S'p!!! Stop acting like you believe in Jesus.. There is more to this World than to worship a man who's Fabled stories that have been manipulated, an edited.. for Centries.. Keeping us lost.. Keeping us Afraid.. Religion brings people together.. but it can't BRING US ALL TOGETHER!

Everything in ancient tongue, or originally written in one foreign language limiting our interpretaion again written by MAN! Look around!! This is the kind of world where you can create religions...
Like everything else that holds this world its all about Money and power..

There will never be proof of a Astral plane.. They can only be EXPERIENCED.

I woke up in a place where I felt the ground beneath me.. But  was not on earth..

The Question we must alhal ask is this.. Where are we, in our bodies? Hmmm Can't measure that place.. Its in a tiny dimension, timeless, magnetic
 energy... One more thing.. It can also travel..
But where? 

Its a little scary to think that there is an unseen world around us.. filled with all sorts of spirits, and entities.. Traveling in rays of light.

You may experience a dimension that is the exact replica o this one where you wake up and life life.. But it will only let you travel but so far in to the atmosphere beore you have to return to your body..
This lets me know that when our bodies die, our Soul can finally rest.. be free without the responsibilities of living in a perishable body.

What powers do we have on Earth.. Knowledge.. We take with us our Memories of this planet on to the nest plane.. Living among st the living in a subliminal Di mention.. That can only be seen by unconscious beings.. 

It would be foolish  to believe that this b

Friday, November 7, 2014

The Beginning of my life Cycle Number Theory. Numerology VS Astrology

The world is full of secrets... What are our numbers here to calculate?

Why was numerology created to prove? My Birthday is 1161981 My name is Bilqiys Salome Greene.. 2938971 113645 795555 My first name was Atheemah 128551418, So what do these numbers mean?

So, at first I Gathered up all of my own numbers... 7 which is my Birthday, adding my Birthday Left to right was a 9.. as the lowest common denominator.
Which brought me back to a 16 again.. and still I question.. Why??

Most of my life I didn't know my Fathers Birthday, or wouldnt dare to ask what it was.. 
But why know everyone's Birthday? Why would this be so important to me anyway?

The date you were born is the foundation of you life path.

Which means that you can use these numbers to guide you through life.. This date reveals First, what Parent your Soul is connected to, and it also compares you to 
soul companions thoughout life.. 
By knowing your Family Members by dates, you can reveal personality traits, and compare them to each other.. 

People use Astrology as an attempt to predict personality traits, moreover generalizing them to a name in the Zodiac... For example, I would be a Capricorn.. But for someone who's not familiar with Astrology, being called a Capricorn would be irrelevant.. 

So from there, Who are we really?

So many books have been written about Astrology, and there are some for Numerology.. 
But they both fail to help you seek out where you really came from, or narrow the information down to a concise detailed illustration of where our energy is headed.. How we are all connected through time using a number pattern.. What number Pattern? Start with your Birth date..

Your Birth Month, Your Birthday, and your Birthyear have to be compatible with your life Partner in some shape or form. But, why is this important? Why even compare your Birthdate to another in your past? Because the gravitational pull of a number is a natural reality in itself..
and because time only flows forwards the only math that is needed is "Addition"

So what are Fractions for? What was Algebra invented to do? Multiplication, Division etc? To strengthen your Brain to help you remember formulas..

They were invented to speed up your memory for future formulas..


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Real Love vs a Facade

Look your lover dead in the eyes.. What do you see? Because the eyes are the mirror to the soul. If there is love can it be spoken about?

If there are feelings there, are you aware of them?
So many people are having relationships with people that they love, but they themselves aren't showing the love and attention that shoud be given.

The lines blur between lover and friend, and the relationship dwindles eventually because the conversation either never happens.. Or seems to be too much for the receiver..

In every relationship there is give or take.. If one person is giving love, and the other person is just receiving... There is going to be a line drawn... ,

Friday, August 29, 2014

Ex's who call you acting like they forgot why you Broke up with them..

I'm like Uhhh.. Wassup? Now What the hell do you want.. Leftovers?

This is them:" Oh yeah, wassup?"  Long Pause..
Me: "What's up? Didn't you call me man?"
This fool is answerin the phone like we were already having a conversation... SMH
Dude: "Yeah I was tryna see wassup with you''
See by this time my frustration done got the best of me with the Dumb shit.. 
Me: " Man what do you WANT man?!"
Dude: Sounding Bored, drained, prolonging his response.. "Yeah,....... So....... You cuttin today?''


Who the hell? WTF? HUH? Who are you? Did you get Dumber since we separated?
You got to be bored whicho SELF! Go take your Boring ass to bed somewhere, kill yourself.. 
That's my line.. and I'm sticking to it..