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Thursday, August 14, 2014

With a friend like that, you wouldn't want to cross him.

Ever had a friend that turned on you when you got into trouble?

 You thought that you had a friend, then they turned..
and you know what you did? You forgave them, in other words you gave them another chance to cross you again. 
You acted as a loyal companion making the mistake of thinking that 
they made a mistake.

Now you're at risk, consequently putting yourself in the arms of an enemy. 
Keeping your enemy closer, and like I said earlier.. That is the dumbest 
Quote ever invented.. 

Friday, August 1, 2014

Whats up with guy calling me up telling me that they have Blue Balls?

What happened to class is it extinct?

I'm starting to think that all the classy niggas are locked up, and we're all left with the anything ass niggas.. 
Anything goes.. Anything flows.. 
No thoughts necessary because caring is for the birds now.. Not giving a fuck is now the trend.. I'm falling right in it because I'm not giving a shit about these blue ball niggahs!

Okay so what the hell am I supposed to say to that? Oh let me take off my clothes because was so SEXY.. REALLY THO? I see why you gets NONE! 

My frustration never ends because it doesn't matter what age the Blue ball line is universally USED! 

I wonder if thats what happend to niggas that have failed so many times that they just throw it away because they're just too dumb to commit to having an ounce of class.. You know who you are..
Shall you remail nameless? 
I mean damn .. it's a fucking shame.. 

How dare you? Really? and this response just makes you laugh cause you're so damn ignorant you can't even figure out that you created a deal breaking moment.. 
No class.. I will never take you home to meet my Grandma,, matter of fact you might as well stop calling me.. 
Depending on me.. Depending on the phone to be picked up.. Beause nobody wants no loser grown ass man child with no vocabulary.. 
worst if you Graduated from College, and you Still on the Block with a Bachelors Degree.. 
Talking bout.. I ain't that nigga I got a degree.. 

I feel like talking to him the way he talks to his baby mamma.. 
like BITCH you ain't nobody but a nigga knowledgable DEBT that you will never pay off. 


What Dummy wrote Keep your Enemies Closer? Hell away frum ME!

If you ask me these are the worst friends to end.

I'm saying this because they're always using subliminal messages to get their 
point across moreover have their way with you. 
In the beginning of this mentally abusive relationship you start to have a bad feeling
but you just don't know what it is because you're spending the majority of the time trying to figure out why this person is always badgering you about the slightest petty thing. 
It would probably take a huge argument for you to even catch a glimpse of what type of relationship you two are engaging in.

All you have to do is be who you are and nothing more, especially when you knew that you where right about a wrong doing..
See what I can't stand about this personality type, is the fact they they think you're dumber than a box a rocks.. You're not dumber than a box of rocks, you just so happened to treat other people the way you would like to be treated.

Its amazing how close your enemy always ends up..

No matter how hard you try to get around it, your enemies are always going to be the closest to you.
I hate that saying keep your friends close but your enemies closer.. 
Black people can sure fuck up a quote.. 
You should be saying, "Keeping certain friends too close is like having a enemy closer" Or
Your enemies are closer than you think.
See, I really can't stand a fool that would hang with you and your Mother Father Grandmother.. Like their Family, and when they're isolated with you, pop off with some smart mouth, You better do this,, type of Bully Tactic.. 
These are the people who are never missed.. These people get shot.. and cremated because nobody gave a shit about their fake ass.. 

I'm not trying to be bitter or cold, but there are way too many in Washington, D.C.

I'm talking about the natural born HATER.. The one who always has something to say about everything.. yet they're not even successful enough to tell a damn success story.. 
They already know this, theres no need to explain to them.. They're gonna act dumb about their mishaps notwithstanding the verbal punishment that they absolutely love.. 
Haters love hate like its happiness to them.. They bask in the hot Sun of Hatred.. Evil Just Deserts.. 
and verbally beating them down is just as satisfying.. but they always have to will .. The loudest talking fastest, talking.. Bull shittinest nigga on the block.. 

There is nothing worst than being around someone who has something to say about EVERYONE. EVERYONE.. 

Don't think that you're special, you should be worried about being next, because
Gossipers get a high off of talking about .. Guess what? 
The people that see their fake asses everyday. 
Male fake asses, and female fake asses.. 
They're like twins.. Theiir Voices carry the same femnine effect..
 Dudes get alot of that pretty fruit from their gossiping as Mommas.. 
IT's a Learned habit honey people are coming out of the Womb talking bout.. OMG.. Did you see that Dr. and how he looked at her, you know damn well he's Murraged.. 
and I spelled that shit wrong on Purpose, because Murraged.. is a fake ass Marriage.. 
Like when rude black female niggaz say SKEWME instead of excuse me... Because it HURTS them so
to be polite..and squeeze out a drop of manners. Little Bitches..

Keep your enemies Closer.. ..Wow that is the most ignorant uneducationalized, nigga shit right there.. 
There are alot of them out there.. but this one takes the cake at being the dumbest nonsensical shit I have ever LEARNED.. Yeh Learned that dumb shit.. In the hood you learn how to be dumb before you get some education on how to be Smarter.. 
and it's hopeless if you're in a neighborhood full of dumb niggas Fathering each other with no Fathers..

Yo you gotta remember where Black comedy originated from.. From Cold Cruel Awful with the mouth Hood niggas.. 
Clowning on you effortlessly, having the entire block laugh at them one pair of pants.. in so many avenues of Clownman ship that you can only wear em in the house.. better not step out with them ol yellow Jeans.
The happier the color the worst you get it. Blue and black onlies.. 
The onliest colors you can get away with

There is nothing more uncomfortable than feeling uncomfortable around your own people.. 

For fear of making an enemy.. We're so damn hostile that whenever white people bump into us they don't even say excuse me.. They Say "OH IM SOOOOO SORRYYY!!! Like please don't make a nigga scene.. 
I have somewhere to be, and I don't need no nigga drama... 
Like Oh Please to pop a gasket.. don't blow up like a half a stick of dynomite.. 
Because blacks have the loudest mouths in the WORLD!
You'd be on the fourth floor, and still hear somebodye loud mouth kids like they're in your gotdamn front room.. 

You know how that makes me feel?
It makes me feel like I'm on a slave plantation.. 
Full of broke ass free slaves.. 
That sit around like they do in those photos that you see of slaves in rags.. with a RACK of nappy kids.. Flocking together.. and nobody cares.. You know why?
Ain't nobody gonna take home no loud mouthed nosey, grown mouthed.. 7 year old.. They gon be like.. 
Awee damn you too damn smart mouthed.. Put that little brown nigga right back where he found him..

I had to let this be known because it's the damn truth, and you can't get no realer than that.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

The delicate foundation of a relationship. ( The Beginning)

Honesty is the Beginning of every relationship. 

I would like to start this relationship of with a current situation. .

It's July, a friend of mine decides that he wants to sell me a computer. He takes a picture of it and sends it to my cell phone. I'm excited to see a picture of  it.. to my surprise the Laptop was sitting on the floor almost shut.. 

Of course I ask him, "Uhh Stacy why is it almost shut? 
Seemingly already prepared to answer the question, he talks over-top of me.. Like sales folk do. 
" I'ts just a little dusty on the inside and I have to wipe it off.. 
I'm like "Ok?" I have no choice but to accept whatever.. He continues on telling me that he barely used it and that it's in good shape it's just slow, moreover that he'll bring it to me tomorrow. 

I'm like Cool, so the next day he tells me that the computer has all the buttons.. at the same time covering them slightly.. 
I saw the majority, he finds a way to keep the computer away from me be telling me that we an get to it later.. but at the same time he's still asking me for the dough.. telling me that he'll buy it back from me.. I'm like cool.. 

I quickly do the transaction.. 
Spent the entire day with the guy.. had 
Dinner and everything, Meanwhile the computer is at rest.. 

I never got to open the computer til the Following day, when I discovered that a key was missing and the number two wouldn't' lay flat.. 

Now, I make sure I take pics of it.. and then it dawned on me that he already knew about this.. 
So why couldn't he have been honest about something so simple?

Honesty in the Beginning.

Now we have a problem that's bigger than a petty button missing, or anything else with the computer..
We have a con artist, as a friend.

Now, I say this because in the beginning there was the photo that was off.. Hiding the parts of the computer that was missing.. Then the discovery that there was something missing.. (Remember that we are Adults not OLD people.) Even a child is honest enough to say that something was missing..

Now lies the truth, which makes a Liar Angry.

There's nothing like having to defend yourself because of a
lie that you've exposed.
Nobody likes to get their card pulled, and I've been pulling cards 
all my life.. 

Once you've discovered a horrible truth about someone, you might as
well think back at all the other slick mishaps that happened before..

When someone has no love for you, they show it. 


Earlier in the day he had agreed on  joining me for
a wine tasting.Faking....because when I finally walked up to the wine tasting
with my ID,
he was nowhere to be found! I looked in a come
It never dawned on me that he never
even thought about letting me know that he was presence..
furthermore, I found myself talking to myself.. 
Moment to moment we walked together,
 and whenever I would try a sample
 he would suddenly disappear. 
He rejected the wine tasting, 
which blew me a little, however I had a great time

 I didn't bring enough cash, and I was nervous
because I had to use my DEBIT . I barely use it because the balance 
is never what I expect!
The Cashier looked at me, and then he looked at him, 
 he stood there until I gave him a ...uh really?
Um in order for his heart to start beating, feeling some
type of emotion..

 Suddenly he came out the pockets with 11 dollars, 
with a follow up comment, you got me at the house.. 

He wanted to pretend like he didn't have it because I looked at him twice...
Prompting that I'd get him back at the house,
 where he later ate dinner, in addition polishing off a 
whole bottle of wine to himself.
I'm too nice.. 

Now with this one days work, I've seen enough to convince me.

 I've gathered enough information to come to the 
Final Decision.. This relationship is definitely OVER...

The moral to this story is, when someone truly ares about you
they wouldn't let you out of their sight. 
Especially in the beginning of a relationship. 
They wouldn't make you feel worthless.. by abandoning you.

Pay attention to the foundation of a relationship, the very beginning of everything.. As a result, you reveal what that PERSON, is truly made of.
Overlooking your emotions,

 Your EMOTIONS, the blind mans map to reality.. 
Ignoring these chemical reactions will certainly leave you with mixed up.

My emotions are my only warning.. I must never go against them.. Whenever I do?
I will surely lead myself in a never ending pitfall of hopelessness.
My happiness gives me hope that I am being loved..
 Hopelessness is the absence of being cared for. 

We will touch on the Subject of "Emotions" after this.. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dealing with Liars who LIE about taking the test for HIV.

The very first question that should be asked before sex is:

When was the last time you took the HIV test?

If the answer is UHHhhhmm what did you say?

Be prepared for the BIGGEST LIE..

Dumb Dumbs... They always want to have unprotected sex with you without questions. 

Like have you ever had an STD? Have you been tested? DO you have a STD?

Can we go get tested together before you give me a disease that I'll have to live the rest of my life with? Worst Kill me?

Why should I trust anything else that you have to offer me, if you're lying about ever taking a test that my life depends on.. 

How to Successfully Break up with someone.. in ANY RELATIONSHIP..

Well well Well, Someone you once thought was awesome is now an IDIOT..

It's called FRONTIN. 

 When I say Break up  I mean Separate, departure, never to return again.. 

You have to First: 

Write down everything that pissed you off.


Illustrate accordingly.


If the person wants to over talk you hang up, and say nothing else.. 

Not even in TEXT.. Because there's going to be an argument... 

and a argument is a fight... This relationship isn't worth it because you're tired of them anyway.. and why waste your energy any longer.. You've already wasted time.. So instead of entering into a filibuster of an argument.. Have nothing else to say... EASY.. 


Users, and Losers... Who show up to my House with no money.

First of all.. 

What type of disrespectful bullshit is that, when someone thinks it's okay to come to your house, joke with you throughout the hair cut, and then BOOM!! Uh I have to go to the ATM?!!


Who is the Sucker? Me or them?

This is the Type of Client who never refers me to anyone.. and has the flyest haircut in the club.. and knows everyone.. 

 OKAY OKAY.... I'm going to put myself in the other person's shoes.. 

I'm so into getting free shit that I not only receive a  FREE haircut.. I don't even have the audacity to even tip two dollars for neck strips..REALLY??

This has me thinking.. You can't come back to my house.. 

You made me make an appointment for your hair, and a slot for your very own hour... to leave me empty handed after slaving over your nappy tresses.. WOW!

 That's enough..

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Emotional Intelligence

Without Emotional Intelligence a Relationship can't exist. 

There is nothing more frustrating than making several attempts at establishing a relationship, and if even more difficult to establish a friendship there is no future in it.. and Sex is a distraction. 

Sex is like playing basketball together when it comes to dealing with 
someone who lacks emotions..I use to be this person, I was Emotionally unavailable,,,
That's what a good friend had told me right before he completely cut me off. 
Which is something he should have done instead of wasting his time.. 

I recently encountered a issue with Mr. no name, he seemed happy but never really was.. He was a workaholic, and his attitude toward life is a constant challenge emotionally. He's going to eventually break down and start crying from all of his emotions take over him like a storm. 

I'm sure its very frustrating living with lack of emotions, and it effects everyone around him.. 
matter of fact he's so ignorant he doesn't even know what he's doing.. 
I was actually falling for this guy, and it's been a long ass time.. 
He turned out to be anti social, and analyzed me constantly looking for flaws.. 

But he's not perfect, and it doesn't matter because he already revealed to me what kind of a guy he is.. One day he's going to wake up and look for his feeling like he lost his marbles.. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Types of Liars. 

Withholding...Need I say more.

 Liars that conceal information are the worst kind to deal with, because the truth is hidden altogether. You have to be a detective even use your imagination 
to figure out what isn't spoken of.
 It could be a sob story about every situation, and none of the information given to you tells you what THEY have DONE to cause the situation to spiral out of control. 
Be ware of the "Woe is ME!! Guy who only sees fault in others,
 and never really speaks of their 
own failures or faults. 

Your only warning is the vacuum he brings sucking all of the energy out of your life. 
You will be exhausted, and won't even know why?
That should be enough to move on from the type of liar that will destroy your life mirroring his. 

The Story Teller

The Once  upon a time guy..
The What had happened WAAAAS.. Guy..

You can ask him a simple question about something he clearly lied about, 
but since he forgot about original story plot, he has to make up a story that might divert you away from the truth. The hardest thing to tolerate
is their side of the story, which may feel like a verbal punishment. 
Because their story may have so many twists and turns, you won't 
have the energy or the patience to listen to it.. 

Liars tell a alternative story tale. So if you recreate the story there's always a flaw, and 
low and behold a domino effect of flaws are revealed. 

A story is always a red flag because it takes up too much
 time, wasting energy, with never enough proof to succeed.

When Story tellers run out of story, they use you as a diversion. Bringing up 
resolved issues into an unresolved realm, moreover creating a bigger issue.
Rather than solving the task at hand, he drops a bomb that blows the house up.

The Liar who tells the truth on himself.

            I think that this guy is the most interesting of all Liars.
Because he insults you with his own truth. 
This daunts me in such a way, because he doesn't even hear
his own words. So accustomed to lying that he reveals himself in every statement. 

          This specific type tries to use vulnerable information that you
share with him against you as ammunition. 
A manipulation technique used to divert the attention off of him 
on to you. In order for this to work, he has to dig deep inside to 
see what would hurt you enough to distract you 
from him. 

The Truth Liar tells so many lies that they manifest. 
His insults are a reflection of how he sees himself. 

Truth Liars are the kind that Anger from the accusation, and they belittle, and argue
endlessly.. Aiming to get their power back from the trust that was lost after being caught in 
the lie that he created. When angered, a mans thought is scrambled and the words come out effortlessly. 
This is the absolute truth about his own self in detail.. and if you listen consciously, you will learn all that you need to know about his self image, or self esteem..
Calling you all of the names that he is. 

He is the Psychological Narcissist. 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

First Impression

When meeting someone new, we get a first impression. 

First impressions are everything.
When a guy over steps his boundaries by being aggressive, and over confident, he fails to realize that what he's doing is damaging to his Character.. 

Example: Inappropriate touching.. Uninvited invasion of personal space.. 

When this happens to me, I think about what type of a guy I'm dealing with.. 
Because if hes taking without asking in the beginning.. He will continue to take without asking.. 
Deny any wrong doing, an continue to overstep those boundaries.. 
It's an intimidation tactic, to see whether or not you are going to allow physical  contact without permission. Usually in the beginning. Because in the beginning, you're allowed him into your atmosphere.. and that alone gave him the freedom to take control.

If you're dealing with a Man, he would be conscious of boundaries, being thoughtful, and careful not to cross them